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URC es el pionero en el control de sistemas residenciales a través de Tecnología. Fundado en Harrison, Nueva York, URC ha definido los estándares para controles de remotos universales con más de 100 millones de usuarios en el mundo.

Hoy URC produce sistemas de mandos de distancia universales de ultima tecnología para clientes particulares como comercial incluyendo algunos de las empresas de electrónica más reconocidos.

URC ha creado una reputación de entregar niveles de calidad excepcional, formación, fiabilidad y apoyo a sus clientes.



The MRX-10 is the Total Control solution for any commercial application. For installs where multiple control protocols need addressing, the MRX-10 issues commands to all IP, IR, RS-232, relay and sensor controlled devices throughout the entire system.

The MRX-1 network base station bridges the digital divide between control of client’s legacy components and the IP network. The innocuous MRX-1does it all, connection to the LAN, RS-232, Relays, Video/Voltage Sensing and of course IR control. Each MRX-1 has the following: one relay (NO, NC or Momentary), one sensor port (Video or Voltage), two RS-232 ports and 6 IR ports (sixth port can optionally be used to connect RFTX-1).

The MRZ-260 is the ultra reliable compact companion ZigBee RF base station for URC’s MX-880Z. The base station features an integrated ZigBee receiver and antenna, two fixed line outputs for IR emitters, and two adjustable (variable) line outputs.

The MSC-400 is truly the last word in transparency and interpretability for control systems from URC. Your clients have a disparate collection of devices, which they need you to integrate into one seamless system. The MSC-400 takes advantage of the latest technology, including Narrow Band RF and the ability to communicate with the hardware from multiple vendors.

The MRF-350 is the versatile companion RF base station for URC’s many narrow band remote controls. The MRF-350 receives Narrow Band RF (radio frequency) signals via the RFX-250 RF Sensor (antenna module). The RFX-250 displays RF interference via a bright red LED which flickers when interference is present.

The MRF-260 is the reliable compact companion RF base station for URC’s many narrow band remote controls. The base station features an integrated Narrow Band receiver and antenna, two fixed line outputs for IR emitters, and two adjustable (variable) line outputs.

This is as close to magic as it gets. When your installer connects a SNP-1 to your home network, every Total Control amplifier has access to the immense assortment of audio entertainment that the SNP-1 can access. This includes Sirius/XM, Pandora, Rhapsody and vTuner.

With our Total Control app, you can now turn your iDevices into friendly, mobile controllers for your home system. This powerful app puts it right in your hands. Monitor, manage and control your entertainment, lights, climate, security and more within your home or building. No per-device fee makes this a welcome addition to every Total Control system. And, like all URC remotes, we've taken great care with a sophisticated design that is easy on the eyes and easy for everyone to use!

The DMS-1200 is well suited to handle a variety of commercial applications requiring multiple zones of audio. For sports bars or medical offices with home run wiring, the DMS-1200 will integrate seamlessly, covering 8 zones in total making it perfect for retrofit use.

The DMS-100 single-room amplifier makes it easy to add premium audio quality streams to any one area of your home.

There’s a reason why we call the PSX-2 a Personal Server. The award winning PSX-2 turns every iPod in your home into an incredible, easy to navigate customized music server.

The TRC-780 remote control serves as a versatile primary controller for a whole host of commercial applications. For dimly lit environments like restaurants and presentation rooms, a vibrant OLED hard button interface makes the TRC-780 shine in more ways than one.

It may look like the remote control of your childhood, but don't be fooled! The TRC-1280 features a bright, colorful LCD and responds when you touch an icon with your fingertip. It also features intuitively placed buttons to control all options quickly and conveniently.

The TKP-100 network keypad is perfect for commercial applications requiring fixed control stations in addition to portable control units. It installs in a single-gang box, giving it a sleek, tidy appearance. With backlit buttons that provide status indication, selecting music preferences in dimly lit environments is a cinch.

The TKP-2000 is an elegant, in-wall color touchscreen that is Native to the Network in that it does not require a black box to connect to Wi-Fi. With a permanent connection to your client’s network, the TKP-2000 is always ready with real-time information about their environment.

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