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Fundado en los 70s Meridian es una de las empresas de audio mas reconocidas del mundo. Meridian fue pionero en desarrollar el sonido en el ámbito digital creando sistemas de audio de la más alta calidad. Elevando los estándares de calidad de sonido a nivel mundial, Meridian siempre se ha mantenido puntero en la parte tecnológico y de diseño teniendo un largo listado de patentes, premios y reconocimientos.

Meridian inventa, diseña, desarrolla y produce todos los equipos en Inglaterra y es una referencia para la industria inglesa, no solo en el ámbito de audio, sino en general. Meridian ha ganado el distinguido premio de British Design Council Award 3 veces, un logro que no haya sido superado por ninguna otra empresa inglesa.

Basado en Cambridgeshire, los productos de Meridian son hechos a mano utilizando solo los mejores calidades. Cada pieza antes de salir de fábrica esta testeado uno por uno por los ingenieros para asegurar su máximo rendimiento y evitar imperfecciones de producción.

Productos destacados



Meridian Meridian Meridian

Meridian Audio es un líder mundial en reproducción de audio y video en alta definición, de forma digital y auto amplificado

Meridian Sooloos: sistema multiroom de alta definición Meridian cuenta con un amplia gama de altavoces de empotrar, digital, auto amplificados y 10cm de profundidad



MERIDIAN - Reproductores (8)

Meridian Digital Media Systems are based on how we relate to music. They provide a unique way to access essential information about your collection – not only by song, album and performer, but by cover artwork, mood, genre, release date, and more. The unique, award-winning systems are designed around the idea of "browsing", rather than simply displaying a list of tracks.

MERIDIAN - Electrónica (7)

Meridian introduced the world's first digital surround processor: it was an immediate success. Today Meridian surround sound processors deliver the best in multichannel audio for many different speaker configurations and the latest encoding formats. Stand-alone processors also include Meridian Room Correction, which smooths out room resonances and improves the clarity and precise imaging of the sound.

MERIDIAN - Altavoces (7)

Meridian's stand-alone loudspeakers place active crossovers and amplifiers in the same cabinet as the drivers, maximising efficiency and offering the performance of a conventional speaker eight times the physical volume. With their eye-catching looks and superb, sweet sound, they represent the final link in a chain of musical perfection from the artist to your home.

MERIDIAN - Proyectores gama Cine (2)

A superb range of digital video projectors and processors that delivers smooth, flicker-free, cinema-like performance from standard and high-def sources, displaying full-spec HD and now, with the 810 Reference Video System, going way, way beyond: up to 10 megapixels.


As part of the Reference 800 Series, the 808.3 is the highest performance CD Player manufactured by Meridian, and forms the heart of Meridian’s ultimate music system.

The 810 Reference Video System consists of two parts: a powerful 10 megapixel (4096 x 2400) Ultra High Definition projector, unique in the home theatre industry, and a powerful scaler featuring powerful technology that upscales SD and HD sources to this stunning level of resolution for a smooth, flicker-free, cinematic experience. Indeed, the 810 system surpasses even industry Digital Cinema specifications, delivering a level of picture quality that is virtually never experienced outside a film-studio's preview theatre

818 Reference Audio Core seamlessly combines the multiple input capabilities of a high-performance pre-amplifier with a full suite of Meridian's proprietary resolution enhancement technologies, while connecting directly to Meridian’s unique range of DSP Loudspeakers via SpeakerLink. In addition to its extensive external source connectivity, 818 includes an internal digital source that can be connected via Ethernet to any Meridian Digital Media System

The 861 Reference Digital Surround Controller is the highest performance surround controller that we offerand forms the heart of the highest-performance Meridian Digital Theatre system.

Perfect for bringing together all your audio sources, the Audio Core 200 offers outstanding preamplifier quality, coupled with powerful Meridian Resolution Enhancement technologies such as an Apodising filter and upsampling for the very best sound quality. A stereo width control optimises the stereo stage, freeing the sound from the loudspeakers, making it even bigger and more natural.

Control 15 is a complete self-contained 1000-album-capacity touchscreen-controlled Sooloos system, as well as controlling and integrating fully with other components. It features S/PDIF Digital and Meridian Speakerlink audio outputs for connection to your audio system or Meridian DSP Active Loudspeakers.

Meridian Digital Media Systems can be controlled from the iPad, with our new, free Core Control App: iPhone and iPod Touch are also supported. Install the application and it will automatically connect to your system whenever you connect to the same network.

Meridian’s Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technologies deliver powerful, room-filling sound with the performance of a conventional system many times the size. These elegant loudspeakers echo the lines of Meridian’s flagship DSP8000 and are the most compact Meridian loudspeakers designed to date.

The DSP420 takes the innovative technology of Meridian's DSP-based Digital Active Loudspeaker range and incorporates it into an in-wall speaker that delivers the same performance and superb sound as Meridian's free-standing designs. In addition, it is tonally compatible with the rest of the loudspeaker range, with the same characteristics as Meridian's other speakers.

The DSP5200 is a powerful yet fairly compact (under a metre high) digital loudspeaker system that out-performs anything of its size, while its visual design and elegance remain second-to-none.Taking its cue from the flagship DSP8000, the DSP5200 distils its essence into a smaller package that is suitable not only for delivering superb sound where space is limited, but also more expansive environments, as well as being suitable as a side speaker, for example, in larger surround system.

The concept of the Digital Active DSP Loudspeaker, invented by Meridian over 15 years ago, is today well-proven as by far the most musically and dynamically accurate and effective way to approach sound reproduction. Meridian’s DSP7200 takes this technology to a new high. Sharing many of the features of the flagship DSP8000, the DSP7200 is suited to a wide range of environments including somewhat smaller spaces and a strong supporting role in Meridian Digital Theatre applications.

The Meridian DSP8000 is the ultimate expression of the art and science of loudspeaker design. Meridian’s flagship digital active loudspeaker sets completely new standards for clarity, dynamics, imaging and realism. It is one of few loudspeakers in the world that can accurately reproduce both the power and subtlety of a concert grand piano. Now with Meridian's innovative SpeakerLink for simple audio installation with Cat 5 cable.

DSW is a powerful and dynamic subwoofer offering exceptional performance in a wide range of Meridian system applications.  Designed to complement Meridian’s Digital Active Loudspeakers, DSW – Meridian's first DSP-powered subwoofer – is an extremely powerful unit. It is ideal for use in a complete surround-sound configuration of DSP3200 or DSP3300 loudspeakers, for example, or to complement larger Meridian loudspeakers such as the DSP5200.

El Explorer es un USB DAC de alta resolución en formato bolsillo de Meridian que ayuda a producir el mejor sonido desde tu PC/MAC. Gracias a sus diferentes conexiones el Explorer permite enviar la música tanto a unos auriculares como a un sistema de audio completo.

Meridian Audio invented the digital surround processor, and the G61R represents extraordinary value. It is an ideal choice for those who want the processing capability of a Meridian digital surround controller but do not need the tuner, multi-zone and video switching capabilities of the G68.

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