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Our premium home theater chairs do not only offer excellent seating comfort but also sophisticated design.

Our aim is to create a special home theater experience for our customers, through innovative design, carefully selected materials, and master craftsmanship.


A young generation of European designers, the adherence to strict German quality and manufacturing standards, and the fact that our chairs are 100% hand-crafted ensure that our products are unique. After all, nothing can replace the expertise of meticulous and experienced master craftsmen.


Productos destacados



Moovia Moovia Moovia

Todos los cueron son de Nappa (Long Life Nappa Leather de 1.44 mm de grosor) y disponibles de 16 colores para eligir

Amplia gama de diseños disponibles en cuero NAPPA o tela, algunos incorporando madera en los laterales Producidos en Europa Moovia ofrece solo las mejores calidades y la posibilidad de elegir entre sin motor, un motor o dos motores