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Pure and refined lines for an accurate , harmonious and pure sound. Iguasçu is the most compact of our floorstanding speaker range and is designed to deliver pure audiophile sound.

Emblematic, in our range, a best seller, our Victoria Evo uses the patented ADT technology and is now in its 3 generation since its first launch back in 1999. Highly rewarded worldwide, prestigious and elegant, it delivers a breathtakingly dynamic and pure sound.

Initially designed as a "Concept speaker " Niagara Platinum is now the showcase of 15 years experience in research and development, in the highly technical glass cutting techniques and hi-end acoustics.

Elegant and stylish, beautifully sculptured with a thick double sheet of glass and solid aluminium body, Elora can perfectly be associated to Flat screen TVs with a mere 8cm thickness once installed on the wall ( wall bracket supplied )

"Miniature" series of the Hurricane satellite, Serio is using the same components ( glass & aluminium ) as Hurricane , it uses the Heatstream technology, and the same colour schemes and accessories.

Elegant mix of Aluminium and Glass, reaching an unprecedented level of performances for such a small volume speaker as it is equipped with our patented Heatstream technology.

The high performance of Hurricane Evo is now available in its " in wall" version, with a minimal 8cm depth and a very ingenious installation system…

Ultra compact ( 25 cm x 28 cm x 26 cm ) this closed subwoofer will surprise you with its musicality and amazing energy…

With its elegant proportions and rather small size, the HF 2 is a stunning subwoofer, it explores the low frequencies with real depth…

Particularly suited for large spaces, the HF3 takes on the qualities of the HF2 in a superlative way in the extreme low frequencies…

Waterfall’s incredible SERIO satellite loudspeaker is now available in a packaged configurations: of 2.1.