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Soportes proyectores

The Projector Mount system is the most advanced mounting solution available for ceiling mounting projectors on the market. Allowing easy, efficient, and accurate setting up of a projector, the Projector Mount system is unrivalled in looks and functionality. An anodized aluminium finish with lead screw adjustment of pitch, roll, and yaw ensure that this iconic mount will continue to be the most revered product on the market.

The Projector Drop Marine is a superb addition to the Future Automation product line up. Using precise and robust rack and pinion technology, the Projector Drop Marine is the most accurate product of its kind on the market. Ideal for residential and marine use, the discrete design is ideal for applications where aesthetic finish is important. IP rated outdoor options are also available.

The Projector Drop Mechanism is the market leading projector drop for Home Cinema Installations. Superbly height efficient and functional with a range of drop options, the Projector Drop Mechanism is recommended by leading Audio Visual Companies around the world. Coming in three standard sizes to fit the vast majority of Home Cinema projectors, it is the perfect way to transform any living space into a Home Cinema. (For larger projectors see the PD2 or the PD3.

The Projector Hinge Mechanism is a new and unique product for home cinema installations. Installed within a wall, the Projector Hinge is an ideal solution when ceiling mounting is not possible or height of ceiling is an issue. Superbly depth efficient and functional the Projector Hinge comes in a standard size to fit the vast mahority of home cinema projectors, and is the perfect way to transform any living space into a home cinema.