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Altavoces de pie

Full Range Studio Monitor Loudspeaker

Two-Way Line Array Precision Monitor, with Vertical and Horizontal Symmetrically Controlled Beamwidth Array

Two-Way Line Array Precision Monitor, with Vertical and Horizontal Symmetrically Controlled Beamwidth Array

Initially designed as a "Concept speaker " Niagara Platinum is now the showcase of 15 years experience in research and development, in the highly technical glass cutting techniques and hi-end acoustics.

Emblematic, in our range, a best seller, our Victoria Evo uses the patented ADT technology and is now in its 3 generation since its first launch back in 1999. Highly rewarded worldwide, prestigious and elegant, it delivers a breathtakingly dynamic and pure sound.

Pure and refined lines for an accurate , harmonious and pure sound. Iguasçu is the most compact of our floorstanding speaker range and is designed to deliver pure audiophile sound.

Meridian’s Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technologies deliver powerful, room-filling sound with the performance of a conventional system many times the size. These elegant loudspeakers echo the lines of Meridian’s flagship DSP8000 and are the most compact Meridian loudspeakers designed to date.

The DSP5200 is a powerful yet fairly compact (under a metre high) digital loudspeaker system that out-performs anything of its size, while its visual design and elegance remain second-to-none.Taking its cue from the flagship DSP8000, the DSP5200 distils its essence into a smaller package that is suitable not only for delivering superb sound where space is limited, but also more expansive environments, as well as being suitable as a side speaker, for example, in larger surround system.

The concept of the Digital Active DSP Loudspeaker, invented by Meridian over 15 years ago, is today well-proven as by far the most musically and dynamically accurate and effective way to approach sound reproduction. Meridian’s DSP7200 takes this technology to a new high. Sharing many of the features of the flagship DSP8000, the DSP7200 is suited to a wide range of environments including somewhat smaller spaces and a strong supporting role in Meridian Digital Theatre applications.

The Meridian DSP8000 is the ultimate expression of the art and science of loudspeaker design. Meridian’s flagship digital active loudspeaker sets completely new standards for clarity, dynamics, imaging and realism. It is one of few loudspeakers in the world that can accurately reproduce both the power and subtlety of a concert grand piano. Now with Meridian's innovative SpeakerLink for simple audio installation with Cat 5 cable.

Meridian, líder mundial en sonido digital de alta definicion, les ofrece los nuevos M6. Meridian rompe barreras en su nueva apuesta con altavoces elegantes y con estilo, aunque nunca sacrificando calidad de sonido o la potencia que distingue a Meridian.